I had just come back down from the third floor where Kwame, Amir and I had been trying to solve some questions in readiness for the second part of Dr Hodge’s Calculus II test today (it’s 1:37 am). My clothes had been sitting in the washing machine for a while and I remembered to stop at the laundry to transfer them to the dryer.

I was groggy eyed from lack of sleep but I still placed each item one by one in the dryer. Out came my jeans, my black t-shirts and socks from the washer I used for coloreds. The first item I picked from the white washer felt strange — I can tell every item by the way it feels. When I looked down at what I was holding, my eyes opened wide.

It was a pair of frilly white panties.

This wasn’t the first time and it wasn’t the second either. The first time it’d been a pair of black panties and the second time, I’d been graced with a pink bra. I’d completely freaked out when I unloaded my laundry basket and saw a black bra in the middle of the pile.

Some girl here in the dorms is popping her underwear in people’s laundry and getting it done for free. My whites have been mixed with panties that have been God knows where.

I wish I knew the girl who did this…

…I’d write her name on them and hang them at the entrance to Hogan Hall.


  1. Afropinay says:

    cos your title is lingerie, your new name is Ashewo..:D

    Even if you don’t know the gurl, please do it and lets see how naughty you are..
    Maybe they didn’t know they left it in there, you know how one looses panties,socks, handkerchiefs etc..Its funny though..:D

  2. snazzy says:

    I agree with Afropinay, the comedy value of posting them on the message board cannot be underestimated. College is supposed to be a learning experience, and here is your chance to help the girl learn something. DO YOUR DUTY AZUKA!!!

  3. Mad Hatter says:

    This is so funny…… do you have a phobia of Lingerie?

    Can you get a dummy of build something with a semi femine shape and dress it up with all this lingerie. Or leave a note in the laundry to the effect that you have some lingerie and if the owner needs it, she should pay….. after all its a good way to earn money

  4. exschoolnerd says:

    lol…funny enough my new entry is about panties..

  5. Naija Dude! says:

    LOl that is hilarious! and likewise disgusting though, trust me she aint getting them back again ooh! if na me

  6. chainreader says:

    Emm, zuky deary, are you absolutely sure they aren’t yours? Don’t worry, we’ll understand if they are. There is no judgement here. Hehehehehehee.

  7. Buki says:


    Seriously? Maybe her underwear gets stuck to the sides of the drum and she doesn’t see it… For all you know it’s more than one girl.

    Or maybe, that’s your future girlfriend and that’ll be your initial conversation.

    Or maybe you should put it on a noticeboard and find out whose it is…


  8. Azuka says:

    Watch it, or I’ll display your ‘assets’ here.

    It’s a bit too late. I left them in the washing machine. You don’t expect me to go back to ascertain they’re still there, do you? 😀

    Mad Hatter
    Now that’s a rib-cracker!

    I saw… 😛

    So what’d you do with them if she’s not getting them back?

    Urghhh. I’m going to puke!

    I don’t really have any idea. I always check thoroughly to ensure nothing’s hiding anywhere before putting my clothes in.

  9. Princess says:

    Just for laughs I wish you had hung them on a bulletin board!!

  10. Lizzy says:

    Most guys are always happy about seeing a girl’s lingerie. Hmmm, Another proof that Azuka is different.

    Well, darl . . . Now that you’ve left the lingerie in the washer, i just wanted to say that, next time, don’t do that. Post it up on a board or something like that. You know the whole college thingy??
    Ohh wait, i don’t see you doing something like that (which, don’t get me wrong. . . is a good thing).

    Hmm Lingerie, Very funny how you remember the colors to previous ones. *sighs*…. azuka, The Girl is back, i told ya she’ll be back. Sexy man!!!

  11. mochafella says:

    Have no fear Azuka, you can admit your cross dressing habit. We won’t judge you. I promise.

  12. idemili says:

    Ugh! Nasty!!!!

  13. Biodun says:

    ha ha, that chick is just wrong n nasty too, her underwears, like ewww. Takes me back 2 my undergrad days, I actually took out people’s laundry from the machine when I tired of waiting for theri arshes 2 pick the darn thing up n put it on some table n also got the same treatment sha, lol

  14. nilla says:


    Free laundry for lingerie 🙂

  15. ok, one of two options…. either miss sexy is back, or someone is ripping you off man…. and if it’ the second, you should cut them up and then throw them back in the machine, so that when she comes back to get her stuff, its ruined…. might teach her a lesson….

  16. Boso says:

    How about you keep the lingerie, and leave a note for the owner to come and pick it up from you?

    Maybe the girl is trying to send you a message, and that is how she’s ‘reaching out’ to you.

  17. never mind man, the ‘posting them on a messageboard’ idea is much better than cutting them up… although i still think miss sexy is back……

  18. nyemoni says:

    Yuck! Why would she ever? I agree, she may be tryna reach out to you… evrt thought about that? 🙂

  19. Azuka says:

    I’m beginning to wish so too 😉

    Yes, it is…

    That must be embarrassing — coming back to the laundry and picking up your stuff with guys lingering.

    Heh heh. But I think I’m redoing my whites because I can’t bear to think they tumbled around with someone’s undies.

    Ms Sexy just came here this semester. I’ve been getting stuff mixed up in my laundry since last year.

    I don’t think so. It’s more likely to be some very very silly girl pulling that prank.

  20. Come to think of it ,Azuka, are you sure those “things” do not belong to the gal,who was with you the night before?

  21. Noni says:

    loll – is it just me that thought that was nasty? Eeeeewwwwwwwwwww

  22. mari says:

    OMG…what a smart girl. You can’t blame her for trying!

  23. Vickii says:

    Lol … I agree, post them up on the notice board!

  24. lol to the repeat offender – imagine..its like as Im reading this I’m thinking I’m sure this really happened to azuka, but the way he writes it he makes it fictional. This award winning………luv your style of writing..oh I wish I could write real life stories like you do. I know I havnt been visiting in a while, could you find it in your heart to forgive. Have loved your posts.

  25. Azuka says:

    Truly, it is.

    Er, what girl?

    I’ll never look at my whites the same way again — they’ve been spoilt 🙁

    I’d like to catch her at it though.

    Too late, I’m afraid, but then there’s a next time 😆

    I think you should be the one forgiving. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts [and those of many other bloggers] and yet not commenting. Thanks for the compliments 😳

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