About 50% of my life since I came here has been spent behind my screen. I never would have realized how much the Internet meant to me until the network connection in the dorms went down. No e-mail, no Wikipedia, no blog-hopping, and I was in danger of losing a Scriptlance project I’d worn the day before.

Well, thought I, since I can’t use the Internet and there’s nothing to do, I can try to sign into AIM and discuss with Vickii on the book review of Purple Hibiscus we’re supposed to be doing.

Oops, I needed an internet connection for that.

I decided to bore myself with some table tennis videos. I hadn’t watched the Kalinikos Kreanga-Joo Se Hyuk 2003 Championships video I downloaded the day before so I figured I’d use that to learn some defense. After a partocularly interesting rally, I decided to check up their current world rankings on the ITTF website.

I needed a connection again.

It was frustrating yesterday — extremely frustrating. The connection’s back up now, and I’m doing two days’ worth of surfing :-(. I stayed up all night yesterday working on the project and I got an excellent review even though the client referred to me as a ‘she.’

My post on Nigerian policemen [before I left] will be coming up soon.


  1. mochafella says:

    …..even though the client referred to me as a ’she.’

    Not once but five times. Funny.

  2. idemili says:

    Seriously! We depend so much on the internet and technology now, it’s ridiculous.

    I wasn’t first!

    @Mochafella: We meet again!

  3. Jem says:

    Same here, i get extremely frustrated anytime something happens to my internet connection….. feels like i am shut of the world but anyways, i’ve since been weaning myself of the computer.

  4. Boso says:

    I lost internet for an hour, and it was like I was going to die !

  5. when i was applying for a job.. pay and internet access were my two primary concers.. how i go do without internet for 8hrs?

  6. nilla says:

    It’s good for you….you should be loosing internet service more often ;-)….lol.
    I think our generation is too dependent on it. It’s good on one hand and it’s bad on the other.

    Glad you still had the scriptlance project. Thumbs up for the excellent review. LOL @ being referred to as a she though.

  7. Ejura says:

    Hi Azuka!I get to meet you on your own blog.I’ll read your stuff as soon as I get enough time to.Have a nice day!

  8. Ejura says:

    Did I say as soon as I get enough time?
    I just read ‘trouble’ and went all the way to ‘lingerie’!
    Your blog is interesting!You should be ‘man enough’ to write a book soon if you haven’t done that already.[Man enough again huh?lol!]
    Geskiya,I have work to do!Ciao!

  9. Biodun says:

    You are an addict for real! staying up 2 surf the net, lol. I want in on the Purple Hibiscus discussion, I read the book recently. Yeah you can have some eclairs too, send an e-mail with your postal address:)

  10. Azuka says:

    You got a blog — Hurray! Funny, I didn’t count.

    Better luck next time…

    I think there should be an Internet Addicts Anonymous organization somewhere.

    Yeah, I know that feeling! Now imagine 12 hours of no internet?

    I’m not sure going without an internet connection is something I want to contemplate.

    Where’ve you been? Well, the biggest use I have for the internet at the moment is blog-hopping…

    Lol at geskiya. I studied up North and all those terms are beginning to come back.

    Well, I have a daily surfing budget ;-). I can already taste the eclairs — hmmm…

  11. exschoolnerd says:

    so that’s why u were missing in blog action..glad ur back…

    want to see a real internet addict..ive been blogging for four years…and i dnt have internet access at home…its like a drug i swear..cnt stay off.

  12. Kafo says:

    i was in a similiar situation 3 weeks ago and I went a bit beserk

    pele, ndo, do, iszini, sowwy

  13. Afropinay says:

    I’ve been there..I almost went crazy; but it made me appreciate life more..:)

  14. Afropinay says:

    Poor you.. Why did he think he gave the project to a gurl? thats weird..Maybe he’s gay 😀

  15. Vickii says:

    My laptop was broken for a couple of months and I felt at a loss for what to do with myself … even though I didn’t realise how attached I was to it!

    I don’t use aim … msn messenger? Seeing as I haven’t replied your email, I think it’s a good idea that we both write seperate reviews and then look for similarities and generally try to combine them. Have you started yet? I haven’t … I’ll definitely try to get on it this long weekend, hopefully be done Monday night or tuesday .. is that cool with you?

  16. Azuka says:

    Tell me about it. I used to spend all my life in cyber cafes back then — until I got a job with an internet connection in the office.


    Ha ha. For all I know, ‘he’s’ female — or at least the person I talked to had a lady’s name. Does that make you lesbian? 😛

    Er, I haven’t started either. Anytime’s fine.

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