Why, why, why?

What is the meaning of life? Why do I suddenly feel so empty? Why do I feel there isn’t any point?

Why, why, why?


  1. delilah 3 says:

    The answer lies with the girl who finds you sexy. seek her out and ye shall find. peace

  2. It’s just a phase. And I daresay usually a helpful one. It can help you prioritise goings-on in your life.

  3. nilla says:

    I hope you’re ok!

    You’ll have to find the meaning of life for you…


    Take care Sexy 🙂

  4. Refinedone says:

    Azuka! Azuka!

    What ever is making you feel this way, that you have to ask Why?

    …most of the time we know, so search yourself if no joy then trust in the Lord that it’s well …remember the meaning of your name Azuka! and know that this is but a moment… your future is greater!

    Later 🙂

  5. Refinedone says:

    Ah! just read the post b4 this.. and it all seem clear

    Still remember Azuka!
    Ibo boys have no fear! 🙂

  6. idemili says:

    You poor thing! You need a cuddle. Hope a virtual one will do ‘cos I’m sending it your way.

  7. Mad Hatter says:

    Hi Buddy

    Those feelings will soon fade…….

    You will wake up tomorrow with so much zing in your step and the world will be your oyster.

    Stay well

  8. mac says:

    I had the same question in my mind, eating at me. “What is the purpose of all this?– some prize? death? what!?”

    Then it came to me. The purpose of life is to find hapiness in its simplicity. Ahaa! started to fall into place. There’s nothing special about anything, at the same time, there’s something special about everything!! Then I began to realize that there is nothing out there and nothing exists beyond my mind. So everything existed as I knew it, because I knew it; so if I didn’t know it, it didn’t exist… ahaa!! So it means that my world functioned as I let it. It took me two straight years of soul searching to realize that all I needed to do was create a purpose, and live it. When I realized this, the planet clicked!

  9. Azuka says:

    It’s just a funk I carried over from the weekend. Nilla did some cheering up on YIM.

    In my head and around me
    Exactly. That’s what I’m doing at the moment…

    Thanks for the words tonight. Abeg, please, biko, jo, mbok, stop calling me sexy oh!

    Thanks a lot.

    As for being Ibo, I don’t identify as one, but that’s not an argument I want to go into tonight 😆

    Oh, I feel great! Thanks!

    Mad Hatter
    I appreciate. I’m actually walking with more than a spring 😉

    You’ve summed things up beautifully.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting for a while. I’ll be dropping by more often. I’ve been eating my heart out because of two lines of code…

  10. Buki says:

    Good to know this feeling has passed… have a FAB week 🙂

  11. uzo says:

    You are having one of those days,…..I have felt like this so many times. It will pass my dear

  12. Afropinay says:

    I miss you sha Azuka.. I just realized I have been away from Blogsville for a while.He was on his menstrual period dont mind him..luv yu..:D:D

  13. Alain says:

    The wonderful thing is that there is no meaning. Because all 6 miljard people on this earth had a day like this and they didn’t find THE answer. So i think like Mac that you are in the power to give it a meaning. Of course when you are in these days you want it to come from somewhere else. But then I say time is our friend and time will help you at the end and like Oscar Wilde said: it’s all well what ends well. 🙂

  14. Calabar Gal says:

    Oh, Oh!! Going into depression are we? What could be the cause of this? I supect some heavy ‘coding’ is giving you trouble eh and you’re finding it hard to crack? Take a deep breath and a little break and it’ll be all clear when you get back. (smile)

  15. nyemoni says:

    Pele o.. I feel you.. This feeling comes once in a whyl… it is just a phase. Remember, this too shall pass. Cheer up!

  16. araceli says:

    It’s normal. Everybody feels that way at one time or another. Give yourself a treat…

  17. Enuka says:

    Abeg, when you find out what the meaning of life is, holler at a sister who would also like to know.

  18. Boso says:

    I’m looking for the meaning of life too my brother. Hang in there.

  19. This is the exact same thing that has been going through my mind for a while now.. I wrote something about it but I’m not sure I want to post it or not.. I still might cos I’m not completely over the feeling… a bit disillusioned I guess

  20. Azuka says:

    Thanks. You too!

    Yeah, it got triggered by something I’ll discuss in my next post. Thanks…

    What?! This crazy girl sef. Don’t worry I’ll get back at you. Na your turn today!

    Thanks. Is there an English version of your blog? The translators I’ve tried messed up the content.

    Calabar Gal
    Not quite. You guessed [half-] correctly. Part of it was triggered by some annoying code. I broke through it last night though…

    I will. Thanks!

    Thanks. I’m glad you were able to post a comment this time.

    I’m more cheerful now, but I’m not sure I’ve found out the meaning. You just might be closer to finding out than I am 😉

    Thanks. I hope you’re feeling better now?

    Do post it. You’ve got my curiosity up ;-).

  21. Keshi says:

    ok I always thought abt that too..I mean u wud have already seen my many many many whiney posts abt this Qn. And I still have no answer.

    Now I have learnt this abt life…it’s meaningless in a way. Cos we know that we r all gonna die someday and with that ends all the fun and the bonds we had living here. So that makes me wanna LIVE more and enjoy life more. Cos it’s very short and it’s quite meaningless…so lets just live it up while we can!


  22. Lizzy says:

    Well, Life is all about the Pursuit of happiness. Life is what you make it.

    Ohh And We all Go through that “WHY WHY” Phase.

  23. Princess says:

    I think we all ask ourselves this question every so often. Hang in there!!

  24. Dearest azuka – your state of mind currently is a distraction, and you’ll soon get out of it. The feeling you speak of is very real and many go through it at one point or the other, the only way we can try to understand it and deal with it is my moving our focus on God. All is well. Stay blessed.

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