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Names Amnesia

I walked out of my Discrete Structures class today and while struggling to get into my coat, literally bumped into one of my former classmates. She called me by name and said, ‘Hi!’ Oops, I’d forgotten never known her name! When someone’s all gushes and happy to see you for some reason, you’d better know […]

2006 in Passing

Academically I haven’t really been doing any academic reading. I’ve also developed the extremely bad habit of sleeping through my classes. Somehow, I managed to keep up a 4.0 until last semester when I had a B in Communication. Anyone who knows me knows why — I don’t talk, and doing so in front of […]

Comment Spam

I turned on a simple image verification for people posting on my blog in the past. Two days ago, I got a rush of pingback spam. The spammers are moving on, and so will I. You don’t need to fill in that annoying comment verification to leave a comment on my blog anymore. I now […]

Update! Update!

I’ve been getting calls to update when I would rather sleep. Four days is really a long time in the blogosphere. For want of something to say, I’ll leave you with someone I became fascinated with. He owns the year 2007, and his codename is 007 — yes, his name is Bond, James Bond. Entertainment […]