Update! Update!

I’ve been getting calls to update when I would rather sleep. Four days is really a long time in the blogosphere.

For want of something to say, I’ll leave you with someone I became fascinated with. He owns the year 2007, and his codename is 007 — yes, his name is Bond, James Bond.

Entertainment Weekly‘s featuring some Bond lists and I thought I’d share them with you.

Goldfinger comes out tops, but I think it should be You Only Live Twice — I’m a little biased because it’s the only film whose book I’ve read.

Rosa Klebb as one of the sexiest best Bond Girls for her role in From Russia with Love? Hello, somebody?

In other news, some Nigerian Niger Delta militants are going over the top. Why seize a ransom and still demand release of some criminals?


  1. Boso says:

    Those militants are just looking for trouble. THey’ve gone too far this time, and the soilders may intervene again, and there’ll be hell to pay.

  2. Calabar Gal says:

    Yeah these calls for an update are really tiring sometimes. Those naija militants are somthing else too. I think they are going over the top in their protest about oil marginalization.

  3. Naijabloke says:

    No be only sexiest Bond girl ..na cutest sef..LOL

    Those Naija militants r just looking for trouble and I wont blame them cos all they r looking for is just money.They claim to fight for the community and the community dont even see any part of the money that is given to them by the oil companies..

  4. Hell no… I don’t even know who she is… Halle Berry will always be my favorite.. the Eva Green chick from Casino royale is sexy but her teeth scare me!!! and hey you Calabar Gal don’t complain about us askin for updates.. in fact let me go to your blog and call for another update!!! lol

  5. nilla says:

    So for update you gave us news headlines..huh?…Don’t mind me jare.

    The whole Niger Delta thingy is just scary….that situation is just boiling 🙁

  6. Keshi says:

    that chick aint sexy…she scares me LOL! No one can beat Ursula.


  7. Afropinay says:

    Update Update!!! AT least you can update with news, I think that’s what I will be doing now as well.
    This was part of the pressure that hit me yesterday.. phew!!:p

    Interesting Azuka updates us with entertainment news..Hmm I smell something..lol lol

    What email were you talking about yest?

  8. Jem says:

    After watching “Blood Diamonds” this year, i was not so fascinated and had a lower opinion about James Bond and the whole Casino Royale Frenzy that was going on about it. It was just an “okay” to me ….maybe cus am not a keen 007 fan sha.

    lol, i am still yet to receive these calls for updates that others seem to always get. Neways, i plan some juicy updates sha, lol


  9. Elle says:

    hmmm.. blogged about the 007 man himself a while back… Daniel Criag didn’t impress me… But I must say… Rosa Klebb hmmm… questions there… But From Russia with Love with love is my favourite bond flick tho…

  10. Gbenga says:

    @ overwhelmed naija babe, i support u
    Halle Berry is the best Bondgirl ooooo
    She is even the cutest………….

    You remember when she was coming out of a swim at sea to meet bond at that bar……….She is sooooooooo cute there like……….

    Newayz, concerning the Militants, isnt it a shame that they claim to be MEND, a name that they don’t justify?…..

    THis is a situation threatening national security as well as Nigerian Economy and all the government can do is turn deaf ears, and fight over a seat that will be vacant in less than six month!

  11. Azuka says:

    I don’t think Baba will interfere. He doesn’t want to get chalked down in history as performing one last ‘military exploit’ before leaving office. That’ll be up to Goodluck and Yar’Adua to fix.

    Calabar Gal
    Trust me, I’ve been on the giving end for long and suddenly, I’m getting a taste of my own medicine. I hope when the government strikes back it won’t degenerate into one of those guerilla warfare cases that the United States will decide to poke its nose into.

    Exactly. Talk about seizing $500,000. We’re talking N64 million here.

    For some reason I don’t like Halle Berry. I prefer Ursula Andress’s Honey Rider role in Dr No. If I remember correctly, she it was who first pulled that bikin stunt. I’ve disliked Berry since I saw those lips say ‘I’m not here to suck your **** Stan’ to Hugh Jackman in Swordfish.

    Hmmm. Look who’s talking. You don’t have anything to say and you’re recommending a blog. That sounds like news to me.

  12. Azuka says:

    At last! Someone who’s got my back.

    We’ve already discussed the email, duh!

    Oh, really? Nobody’s called on you to update yet? I’ll be your personal enforcer from now on.

    Daniela Bianchi was one cutie as well. Due to my fascination with Asians, You Only Live Twice comes out tops for me.

    You couldn’t have put it better as regards the situation in our government. Speaking of Halle, what do you guys see in her?

    You need to update your blog, man…

  13. nilla says:

    Oh Azuka! Hope you did not just attempt to diss me…..LOL

  14. Azuka says:

    Now, how would I diss the one and only Nilla?

  15. mar says:

    I saw Casino Royale last week and I’ve come to the conclusion that these new bond movies will never be classics like the old one. When I found out Craig whats-his-name was the new bond, I was reluctant to see Casino Royale but I took the chance and it didnt turn out so bad. Much better than the last one sha.

    Whats this about militants in 9ja, is there a link?

  16. Azuka says:

    My sentiments exactly. Craig is ugly, and not James Bondy — I’d rank him slightly ahead of Timothy Dalton for his role in Casino Royale.

    There’s a link in the post.

  17. 007 is the man – ok ok my fav has to be Sean connery – “I must be dreaming” – Im sorry for taking a while to visit. I can see you also have had your hands ful. Have a fab new year.

  18. Vera Ezimora says:

    My one and only, wat’s up?

    A funny this just happened. I’m sleepy as hell, and even though I read ur entire post, I cannot remember what I am supposed 2 be commenting on.

    I know u said something about Bond. Damn, I’m really sleepy!

    Ohh….yeah, naija millitary and calls 4 update. So who has been asking 4 an update? mention the name now if fear no catch u.

    By the way, do u still have that crush on me?

  19. Wes says:

    Happy Holidays, Azuka!!!!
    I got a new pc (i’m souped) so i have to install stuff over again and i’ve been lazy lately

    Hope you’re doing fine.:)

  20. Azuka says:

    Who’s your one and only? Better get back in line!

    Vera and Overwhelmed have been calling for updates :-P. I can’t remember having a crush on you. If I remember correctly, you told me you had one on me. Deny it and I’ll post the conversation here.

    I don’t seem to remember anyone called Wes. Or are you Wes as in WesleyanA?

  21. Azuka… I need you to perform the same magic you performed on Vera oh.. tell me how I can see what people are looking for when they find my site… tell me tell me!!!

    btw.. you don’t like Halle Berry?!?! I think you’re a lil drunk tonight oh… which guy does not like Halle Berry?!?!? Abi you prefer patience Ozokwor?! lmao…

  22. and plz which moderation is my comment awaiting.. plz don’t confuse me with all this your technical stuff abeg!… nonsense and jagbajantis.. oh and Azuka.. I still haven’t recieved my xmas gift from you.. don’t think I have forgotten!

  23. Azuka says:

    Can you hop on MSN ( azukadgreat[at]msn.com ) or Yahoo ( zahymaka )?

  24. Abeg I say make i apologize.. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the msn on my mom’s computer.. sometimes it types in English and some other times in Arabic and I don’t know how to change it.. that was why i was using a lot of emotions(faces) to try to express myself.. lol.. no vex.. i don’t know what to do oh… and i tried to go on web messenger and it said her computer was blocking pop-ups.. imagine the nonsense!!!

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