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Gender Inequality: Violence

When I wished I was a misogynist sometime ago, Everchange understandably took me to task. For the record, I’m not a misogynist — in fact some of my beliefs could be perceived as feminist. I only believe in gender equality, something very difficult to find in today’s world. I’ve seen a friend of mine slapped […]

I Won 50 million ‘Furos’!

I’ve been getting calls to update, oh dear! I’m working on something that might be a little controversial vis-a-vis my views of women and gender equality as I think it should be. Just to assure some people I’m still alive, I’ll leave you with a quote from an e-mail I got two minutes ago informing […]

Say Cheese!

“Azuka you’re no longer taking care of your teeth,” my Mom told me one day when I said a smiley good morning to her and my Dad. I was six. I had the whitest teeth you ever saw. I had the most winning smile. I loved to smile… It therefore came as a surprise to […]

The Family

I’ve been getting calls to update. The culprits haven’t exactly used the word ‘update’ but I got the idea. Since I’m currently facing a bout of blogger’s block (there’re some interesting things going on but they’re too private to share) I’ll just put up one of my book ideas from the past. This is part […]


‘Ewuo!’ someone in the taxi exclaimed. I had my nose in a novel but I heard — and wished I hadn’t. I knew by instinct what was going on. I dreaded the spectacle but I tore my gaze from my book and looked up. There were multiple sighs of ‘chai!’ and ‘ehyaa’ from the taxi […]

Rub and Shine

One would think I escaped all the ‘usual’ trouble I’d grown so used to in Nigeria — NEPA, especially — and since I came over, everything’s been as normal as you’d expect things to be. I got out of bed this morning and rushed into the shower. I didn’t get any water when I turned […]