The State of Things

A little over a year ago, I was complaining about how people choose to wear their watches and the TSA. Fall 2013 finds me pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Southern California.

In many ways grad school isn’t what I was expecting, and I still don’t know how everything will play out. Being a student again is challenging — homework, reading textbooks, classes — and confusing. I still don’t know what I’m doing here and am playing catch-up in two out of my three classes.

The big university environment looks interesting, unlike my Bachelor’s, and there are lots of opportunities to explore both career-wise and socially. I’ve met quite a few quirky characters you may be seeing in some form here.

After reading all the stories of USC being in a “ghetto” neighborhood, it’s not that bad. I can get home at 2am without watching my back. I couldn’t do that in Port Harcourt where I live, and definitely not in most areas of Lagos. I’ve kept away from the places with really bad reputations (commonsense really). Most of my haunts so far have been in Koreatown (table tennis) and Downtown. I very likely won’t ever do anything in Hollywood. This is from a guy who lived two years in Tampa and never went to the beach.

I have a class in twenty minutes so I’ll leave you with my big to-do list:

  • Complete my homework due in 10 hours.
  • Get up to speed in my classes.
  • Get a car.


  1. MM says:

    Good to see you here after such a long time…I think this means you have a huge backlog of posts ?
    Good luck with grad school

  2. nnennagrrr says:

    Hey you!

    It’s good to see you blogging again. Good luck with your studies but I can already tell that we won’t get a lot of recipes from you – busy, busy!

    • Azuka says:

      Nnenna, oh you will. Throw me somewhere with a lot of crazy characters and the stories will keep coming. L.A.’s got that and more.

  3. afrosays says:

    I haven’t here in forever – been super busy. I just stumbled on your blog again and I realized that you’re in the same school as I am, call me at eight 4 five, 248, one four three 2.

    We might meet each other after all

    Welcome to L.A.
    Fight on!

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