Names Again

The first Oluchi I knew was a runny-nose crybaby in Primary One, the first Ernest a fair-skinned math teacher with huge nostrils who grinned as he strolled around you when you got a question wrong, before applying a cane to your unsuspecting back.

My first Ifeoma was a cheery, brilliant girl in my class who always had a smile on her face, my first Emmanuel a bully a class ahead of mine who seemed to derive some joy in blasting the ball into my stomach whenever I served as the goalkeeper during soccer games. My first Mustapha was one of my best friends in secondary school who was called the Professor because he explained the structure of DNA to an SS1 student while we were still in JSS1, and my first Sandra was a haughty but pretty girl who I had the misfortune to have a crush on.

I’ve noticed I can’t help it even today. Tell me about an Ifeoma and I think I want to meet her, because she’s sure to be spontaneous, cheery, etc. I was wary of one of my classmates named Ernest for a while until I decided he was ‘safe.’

I’m not a fan of Oluchi the model because there’s that link between her and a runny-nose. Emmanuels are okay with me, because I’ve met quite a lot over the years and they’ve almost always been ‘good guys.’ All Mustaphas are smart — at first — and all Veras have green eyes until proved otherwise.

If I were your first Azuka, would you expect any traits in the next Azuka you meet, or would you keep the personality profile blank until you found out more about him/her?


  1. Rita says:

    There is an Azuka I know, so full of life and has been a nice person to me. The moment I saw the name of your blog, I quickly put it on my blog roll.

    Your comment on my blog was so amusing.

  2. Used to know an Azuka — back in the day in my primary/ secondary school… Dude was fair skinned, not too tall, a decent footballer and a generally ok guy…. Unfortunately, i met the dude some years after school and he could not remember me.. or (as i think) he pretended not to remember me.. I just xed him form my records….Hopefully i’ll not pass that on to another Azuka…LOL..Anyways, the first crush I had was named Ewere, and since then everytime i hear someone called that i just look a bit more to see if she’s as cool as the one i used to know……

  3. Azuks my main man, sorry, I’ve never met an azuka before. You are my first. And very Literally too. I guess there’s still more of you, that unfolds each day.. Its been fun reading your views on your blog.

  4. AlooFar says:

    There’s only one Azuka I know. And that’s you. The only thing about you (your name) is the spelling suggestions that Microsoft Word offered me when I tried to save a comment i planned to drop on one of your previous posts.

    what prompted this post? 😉

  5. Azuka says:

    Hurray, Azukas rule!

    Daniel Bagucci
    I happen to know someone called Ewere… ok, I don’t — I’ve never met anyone named Ewere.

    Life of a Stranger
    I hope I’ve not set a bad example for future Azukas?

    Oh, I was introduced to someone recently, and it occurred to me that at first, I kept expecting him to act like people I’d met with the same name.

  6. La Reine says:

    I don’t so much expect them to act like the first person I knew with their moniker, as compare them to each other.

  7. Jaja says:

    At first you didnt come across like an Azuka to me… All the Azukas I met in secondary school were noisy, troublesome and brainless. Yo seemed quite the opposite..

  8. Jaycee says:

    I’m trying to think of firsts, but my laughter is getting in the way. This post is hilarious! You’re my first Azuka…

  9. You are my first Azuka, its funny but i hate meeting someone with the same name as me, its fortunate that my name is quite unique and in my lifetime have actually met less than 5 people with it.

  10. miss jay says:

    lol, the first azuka i knew was a friends sister. pretty cool headed nice mummy’s girl!

  11. Azuka says:

    La Reine
    Wow, you too?

    The use of past tense implies I’m now perceived to act like an Azuka 😉 .

    Glad to be your first.

    Miss Definitely Maybe
    I concur.

    Miss Jay
    Hmmm. Azukas rock!

  12. archiwiz says:

    My first Azuka was a girl in the next class. A lanky, very talkative person. Now you’ve confused me with your infrequent, somewhat laconic posts. 😀

  13. Fanwest says:

    Nice blog you have here. Is this Eche or Azuka, are the names coded… lol? And what does fanwest remind you of? -:)

  14. Veracity says:

    Hilarious blog post. I am probably your first veracity, which stands for truth and candor.

  15. Azuka says:

    Apologies for the infrequent posting. Hmmm, I’m neither lanky, talkative, nor am I a girl. 😀

    I do apologize, but I’m not very sure who you are. 🙁

    Right on the money. You’re my first…

  16. TheIceQueen says:

    LOL! you do that too? i assosiate all new people i meet with the first person i knew that had that name..Thus far i am wary of Quincys, Eugenes (even after i met an okay one) and Amakas..those ones kind of stand out…and you’re the only Azuka i know 😛

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