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The Shopkeeper

I was in the backroom sorting supplies/dozing off/making out/… when I heard the ding as someone walked in. I peeked out into the main store to see what kind of person had walked in. Black/6ft 1. Suspicious. Great big coat that looked like it could fit half of what was in the store, and a […]


9:45 am. I’ve just emerged from the shower and am looking for something. In one of those cases of my losing something in working memory, I keep searching, sure that when I find it — whatever it is — I’ll know it’s what I’ve been looking for. Now, if I had my glasses, I’d have […]

Names Again

The first Oluchi I knew was a runny-nose crybaby in Primary One, the first Ernest a fair-skinned math teacher with huge nostrils who grinned as he strolled around you when you got a question wrong, before applying a cane to your unsuspecting back. My first Ifeoma was a cheery, brilliant girl in my class who […]