I’ve been missing from the blogging scene again. What have I been doing?

Learning Japanese. Okay, not exactly. That’s just a roundabout way of explaining my new found love for Japanese anime. I prefer them with the subtitles because I pick up a lot of phrases that way. Great Teacher Onizuka, Eyeshield 21, The Prince of Tennis, Yumeria and Ninja Scroll are my alltime favorites.

I’ve been doing an entirely different set of blog rounds from my usual haunts — Xin Hui, Ishtar, Phantom Writer, Cidersweet, etc — and I’d like to apologize for not reciprocating visits.

I’m having a block right now, and might be away for a while but I’ll post as soon as I break through. It might be today, you never know.

Mada mada dane.


  1. idemili says:


    Er…nothing more to say really.

  2. Jem says:

    LOL …. Let me know when you have become a samurai !!

  3. onada says:

    i cant believe you lik japanese anime!! have you been buying any manga comics?? lol…i used get so annoyed at my brothers cos thats all they ever wanted to watch when we were smaller!

  4. Boso says:

    Japanese anime? Don’t tell me you’ve caught the bug…..

  5. aiight.. hope the block is not permanent

  6. Catwalq says:

    I love everything japanese except maybe their food; in that respect the chinese and thai win. i think they make much sexier movies than the chinese. love their architecture, art, music, fashion/fabric….

  7. chidi says:

    LOL!!! i was just imagining you speaking japanese!

  8. Keshi says:

    Ur learning Jap and Im eating Jap right now 🙂


  9. Ugo says:

    Do ya thing, mate. no long thing!

  10. princess says:

    Break through that block,fast fast Mr japanese.

  11. nyemoni says:

    NYEMONI was here!


  12. lol.. i think i’m gonna do an nyemoni on this one and just register my presence cos i no understsand the japanese acrobatic language when you dey speak for here sha… hope you doing ok darling… OVerwhelmed Naija Babe.. OUT!

  13. confused naija girl says:

    come back soon!

  14. Kafo says:

    i really think btw. the Japanese and Chinese we are moving to a new world order



    have fun

  15. Yemi says:

    I just watched a Japanese animation movie called “spirited Away” and LOVED it. I need to watch more. Check it out if you get a chance.

  16. temmy tayo says:

    Aight do quick and come back quick.

  17. i feel you on the block o…e go soon clear…

  18. uzo says:

    Take your time love…

  19. Ishtar says:

    While you’re at it (learning Japanese that is), can’t you have a look at your blog and see if there is a nice post for the upcoming Beautiful African Carnival? Check out the specifics at:



  20. simplycider says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    “It might be today, you never know”. – That sounds very familiar 🙂

    Kampai! (Meaning “drink!” in Chinese I think ( I got it from Around the World in 80 Days).

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