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I’ve been missing from the blogging scene again. What have I been doing? Learning Japanese. Okay, not exactly. That’s just a roundabout way of explaining my new found love for Japanese anime. I prefer them with the subtitles because I pick up a lot of phrases that way. Great Teacher Onizuka, Eyeshield 21, The Prince […]


“You know, Azuka you haven’t started talking like an American,” my younger brother said to me. “Really? I’m proud of my accent. I think people sound stupid when they try to mask it and…” “No, not that,” my brother interrupted. “You’re not saying things like ‘bullsh*t’, ‘f**k you’, ‘mother..’” “What?!” Obscenities… The strongest word I […]

7 things you don’t know about me

This meme actually took me by surprise because I had it sitting in the ‘posts saved as drafts for a rainy day’ on my blog for a long time. They used to be 16 but I’ve trimmed them down in keeping with the title. Nobody’s ever seen me shave. I just turn up clean-shaven. I […]

Not exactly back

I haven’t exactly been too busy, but neither have I been idle since I last posted. I really had to take a break from blogging because it was getting too addictive. It was more like switching addictions — as bloggers whose Facebook walls I’ve been trolling will attest. Why exactly did I leave? Well, for […]