Ups and Downs

I finally decided I was sick of the Math 100 class. I signed up and took the test in calculus. I didn’t do too badly – in fact the only math I’ll do for the rest of my stay here in college will be restricted to one course – Calculus 2. I had to drop the Math 100 (no refund) and picked up a self-teaching course in Geography (Physical). I hope I do well.

I’ve also gotten a job with the library. I’ll be an IT staff, assisting with miscellaneous duties etc etc. I don’t know what the pay’s going to be but frankly, I don’t care. I really thank God for everything. My suite-mate and friend Stan put in a word for me in the library and I got interviewed and…

Speaking of romance, I don’t really get attracted to girls until I think about them – which is very rarely. I have this sense of foreboding – it’s always been a part of me. There’s this girl that tries to chat me up. I think she’s pretty but that’s about where it ends. She’s overtly friendly and I see her boyfriend giving me dark looks whenever she leaves him and comes to say hi. I’m not sure she’s interested in me but I’m sure about the reverse.

 This week I got  a haircut. I was shocked when I saw a lady barber (I mean, over there in Nigeria all barbers were men). She asked me how I wanted my hair done and I sad I wanted it low. She went right ahead and shaved off all my hair, leaving me with a gleaming pate – something I haven’t had since I was ten. I was getting mad but I managed to keep it under control but I nearly screamed at her when she asked me if I wanted “something shiny” on it. I could have toppled her but I just said “no” calmly. So here I am, stuck with this absurd hairstyle. It sucks!

 I’ve made two new programmer friends. They’re both Asians. One’s a Pakistani – he’s called Khashif – and the other’s Nepalese – I haven’t really gotten the spelling of his name but it’s something like Keshu. The first guy has lots of books and is very experienced. As for the second, he wnats to learn web design from me. He knows C++ however and maybe I’ll be able to overcome my fear of C++ through him.


  1. Ugo says:

    haaaaa!!!post a pic let me see your new haircut

  2. You know very well I’m camera-shy — you don’t expect me to put up a picture of myself with a shiny head. Besides, that was two months ago!

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