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Name Change

I must admit that I got a rude shocker last week when I discovered there already exists a Content Management System called Simplicity. To make matters worse, it’s been around for something close to three years so there’s no question of who’ll win if there’s ever a trademark dispute. I suppose I’ll have to do […]

Last Night

Last night was pretty hectic. I played table tennis until my back ached – and I suppose I burned my dinner there. The guys were pretty good players except one guy. I could probably beat him but he has a very irritating personality. I mean, there’re guys that if they beat me without me gaining […]

Resolution of LAN Problems

I bypassed the eMachines staff and went straight to Gateway (their parent company). Their support staff was very friendly – they sent me the four-disk restore pack that contains the nVidia drivers and everything else that came with the system. I feel I haven’t thanked them properly. I’m so happy! Funnily, I’ve wasted about thirty […]

So far

Simplicity’s coming along well. Maybe I’m lazy but after writing all that Ajax code I felt I deserved a rest. I’m still doing some brain-storming on the form handling – for now I think Simplicity will be an in-house thing. Thomas Breton of H-Inventory( wants me to build a template for them, and to maybe […]

Ups and Downs

I finally decided I was sick of the Math 100 class. I signed up and took the test in calculus. I didn’t do too badly – in fact the only math I’ll do for the rest of my stay here in college will be restricted to one course – Calculus 2. I had to drop […]

eMachines Again

After getting sick of the entire affair, I decided to rid myself of my computer. My roommate drove me to Walmart and we tried to exchange it. They said electronics could only be returned after fifteen days. Was I mad! I took the system back but I’m planning my own private stuff now. For starters […]