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“Would you like some soy sauce with your order?” “Please.” It’s my third week in Tampa, and just today I realized some things were different from West Virginia. Like “Please.” I guess my reaction’s similar to a friend of mine who visited NY (or was it Atlanta), and felt left out when everyone said “pop” […]

Finally, a post

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my previous post. As to what happened in the end, the next day I was so tired I stayed in bed all day. The day after that, I think I started telling myself it was too late to say anything, but I perhaps, much as ashamed I […]

The Shopkeeper

I was in the backroom sorting supplies/dozing off/making out/… when I heard the ding as someone walked in. I peeked out into the main store to see what kind of person had walked in. Black/6ft 1. Suspicious. Great big coat that looked like it could fit half of what was in the store, and a […]


9:45 am. I’ve just emerged from the shower and am looking for something. In one of those cases of my losing something in working memory, I keep searching, sure that when I find it — whatever it is — I’ll know it’s what I’ve been looking for. Now, if I had my glasses, I’d have […]

Being Cheap

I first purchased stuff from the Dollar Tree in 2003. It was my first time in the US, and my teammates and I — from the 2003 National Geographic World Championship — were shopping at the University Mall in Tampa, Florida. I honestly didn’t know what to buy, but the fact that I was in […]

Mr. Nice Guy

No, this isn’t about the Jackie Chan film. It’s about me — and no, I’m not implying I’m the nicest guy around. The seeds were sown in the Fall of last year when my friend Samuel asked me to do him a favor. His cousin was apparently coming over from Ghana and would be staying […]