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Tasty insects

Ishtar gave me the idea of doing a blog post on edible insects. Ants The very first insects I ate. According to my mom, I became very adept at hiding them from her, tossing them into my mouth when she wasn’t looking. I can’t remember how they tasted but they must have been good — […]

Gender Inequality: Violence

When I wished I was a misogynist sometime ago, Everchange understandably took me to task. For the record, I’m not a misogynist — in fact some of my beliefs could be perceived as feminist. I only believe in gender equality, something very difficult to find in today’s world. I’ve seen a friend of mine slapped […]

Of Blogs and Blogging V

I must confess I’ve been quite lazy for the past few weeks — as well as busy on the WritingInn and AUGNG websites. I’d almost lost interest in continuing the series until Nino of Akopo asked if he could translate it into French. I figured that if my miserable attempt is worth translating into French, […]

Of Blogs and Blogging IV

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a very long while. I caught a fever. The blogging series continued. In my last article we discussed some blogging basics I’m sure everyone who has been blogging for long knows. In this article I’ll be highlighting some blogging rules most bloggers don’t follow, as well as the advantages […]

Of Blogs and Blogging III

I’m sorry for leaving the series hanging. Ideally, I ought to be making a post per day. This part, and the next will deal with blogging proper. I’ll be using two popular blogging platforms — Automattic WordPress and Google Blogger. For this part, we’ll be discussing signup, making a post, commenting, and customizing your layout. […]

Of Blogs and Blogging II

Yesterday I laid some background work on what a blog is. Today, I’ll go into more in-depth analysis, using pictures where necessary. Some of the common features which most blogs have include permalinks, two-way communication and syndication. As the content of a blog’s home page is pretty dynamic, visitors to a blog need access to […]