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Being Cheap

I first purchased stuff from the Dollar Tree in 2003. It was my first time in the US, and my teammates and I — from the 2003 National Geographic World Championship — were shopping at the University Mall in Tampa, Florida. I honestly didn’t know what to buy, but the fact that I was in […]


hello sweetie That was the first message I sent when a friend of mine signed in after a long hiatus from Yahoo Messenger. Understandably, she was shell-shocked. This was the Azuka — who, a while ago wasn’t comfortable when others called him ‘honey’ or ‘love’ — using a word like ‘sweetie.’ It just came out, […]


I’ve always wanted one, I think — right from back when my Dad got a cheap Compaq running Windows 95 that his company was going to throw out. It didn’t have a battery, was slow as hell (I had no idea then) and had nothing of interest to the me of now, but back then […]