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Rant of today: writing

I can forgive its/it’s. You’re/your,  their/there/they’re are barely tolerable. If I was/if I were or there’s/there’re could be considered nitpicking. Women. “She’s a beautiful women.” “I’m a strong well adjusted women.” Am I missing something? Is it now one women, two womens,  three womenz? It’s your language for Pete’s sake! Amazingly, some of you have […]

At the Bus Stop

I got out of my AI class tonight at 9pm then headed to Ralph’s to pick up some deodorant and mangoes. Getting to the bus stop, I nodded to the guy waiting there then took my phone out to check the scheduled time for the next Metro bus. Slow app loading. I need to replace this phone, […]


Before I turned 20, all the heroes in my stories were between the ages 20 and 24. I don’t know about others, but when I hear an age, I get these bars in my head that looked like this when I was 17: 0 mths – 2 yrs | 3 yrs – 7 yrs | […]

Do actresses get turned on?

Do actresses get turned on? I suppose so. Everyone does at some point. Now why exactly is Azuka asking such a strange question at 12:24am on a Saturday morning? I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a TV show or movie without stopping to Google some interesting fact that comes up. Usually, that leads to me […]


I haven’t had very good experiences with dogs. They terrified me as a kid and one of my earliest scary memories involved having a neighbor’s growl at me. I took off and of course it chased me, caught up and pulled my shorts down. Everyone thought it was funny but I vividly remember lying face […]

Only in L.A.

As I hurried in through the gate on my way to class, I gave the brief token nod to the deadlocked guy just emerging. “Hey man,” he called after me, handing me this: Sweet deal isn’t it? I didn’t lift an eyebrow, because I’m incapable of lifting only one, so I faced him what I […]